I worry for Gehazi

The life of Gehazi is a classic example of *a man who missed a great opportunity*. The Lord brought him to be in the lineage of the anointed, only to walk away from the mantle of grace, which had earlier fallen upon Elisha through to Elijah. But, just like we always sing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, had Gehazi not done what he did, we could have a version like *the God of Elijah, Elisha and Gehazi.

During the training of Elisha, he was only given domestic assignments by Elijah, his Mentor. All through the earthly ministry of Elijah, Until Elijah was taken up to heaven by God, Elisha was not given any assignment that is related to the supernatural (I Kings 18:21). He operated in the prophetic only after getting the mantle beyond Jordan (II Kings 2). Unlike Elijah, Elisha decided not to wait till he was gone before Gehazi operated in the prophetic. The death of the *miracle baby boy* of the well to do woman of Shunem presented Gehazi to demonstrate if he has learnt anything about the supernatural.
Jesus Christ equally provided an opportunity for the disciples to operate in the supernatural before his death and resurrection (Luke 10:1-12). Elisha mentorship programme allowed Gehazi to demonstrate some of the things learnt in supernatural 101. He was given a prophetic rod to lay on the dead child. The child did not wake up. Elisha came down and prayed for the child vigorously before the boy came alive. (II Kings 4:32-36).

Here is my worry; Gehazi had no sleepless night over the incident. Elisha called him to call the Shunammite woman to hand over the boy to the mother. *He did not fail in any domestic activity but the prophetic*. If I were Gehazi, I would be troubled. The cause of my trouble will be why didn’t the rod work for me. While Jesus was away (along with John, James and Peter) at the mount of transfiguration, the disciples were struggling with a deliverance case beneath the mountain( Matt 17:14-20). They were unable to cast out the demon out of a boy who often falls into fire and water.

Jesus came down from the mountain and cast out the evil spirit in the boy. Later in the day, in a private conversation with Jesus, the disciples asked him, “why was it impossible for us to cast out the demons in the boy”. Jesus told them this type would not go out without prayer and fasting along with faith (Matt 17:20).


Here, the (disciples) failed to exercise the supernatural and their master, and Jesus succeeded in the same. Similarly, Gehazi could not raise the dead child, and his master (Elisha) succeeded. However, unlike the disciples, *Gehazi was not bothered.* He learnt nothing, and Elisha delivered no secret into his hands-on why the boy did not wake up. He failed a task, yet he sought no correction.

Every innovation under heaven is an answer to the question *why*. For example, the aircraft is an answer to why we can’t have faster travel which is equally safe. Any supernatural experience which you are yet to enjoy should boarder you. For example, why do you not enjoy long prayer sessions? Why do you still experience dream terror? Why will people enjoy what you preach or teach, and no life will be transformed by the same teaching they have enjoyed? Why should you be in Christ, and you are yet to win a soul.

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