I worry for Gehazi Part II (Humorously Coined)

Text: I Kings 18:21, I king 2 and I Kings 4:32-36


In the first part of this write-up, we concluded by showing the difference between Gehazi and the disciples of Jesus. The former did not ask Elijah why he failed, unlike the latter did to Jesus when they could not cast out the demons.

I remember the story of one of our Pentecostal fathers in Nigeria. The man observed that he could win souls but could not cast out demons during the early days of his ministry.


He sought the Lord in the place of prayer. The Lord reminded him of his background. At that point, the man of God recalled being the only male child in a polygamy setting. He recalled how his mother sought help from different witch doctors for his protection from the evil arrows of his father’s other wives.


He recalled all the concoctions and incisions he took as a young boy.


At that point, the Lord told him to submit himself to another man of God who is a deliverance minister for prayers. After the prayers, he cast out demons and exercised dominion over principalities.


You need to take your difficulty studying the Bible to God in prayer. But unfortunately, some believers are not worried about such symptoms of spiritual Lukewarmness. Instead, they are concerned about not having money, food and shelter (Matthew 6:25).


Imagine a surgeon who has never performed a successful surgery since he graduated. His incompetence makes no one take their patient to him because they know the patient will surely die on the surgical table. I believe such a surgeon will be worried about the prospect of his career.


Gehazi was like this surgeon. He was not bothered about his failure in ministry. Ministry for him was an opportunity to meet his needs through the gifts of appreciation people gave to Elijah, his master.


He equally enjoys the privilege of meeting with people of affluence frequently.


Suppose Elisha were to live in the contemporary time. In that case, Gehazi would have many business/complimentary cards of all the men and women who have visited the prophet. He will equally have their phone numbers. Anytime he has a need, he calls and demands anything from them. This is the benefit of being the personal assistant to a man of God


I assume his concerns should have been the grace in the life of his master (Elijah) that attracts great men to him. He should have cried to God for the double portion of grace that was upon Elisha (Colossians 3:1-10). Instead, he asked men for a portion of the gift they brought. Things above are eternal, and things on earth are temporal.


Elisha’s attention was not on the gifts men brought to Elijah.


Instead, he was interested in the power of God that is attracting men to Elisha and bringing smiles on their faces. No wonder he asked for a double portion of this (II Kings 2).



Those stealing from churches and other established organizations are guilty of Gehazi’s greed. The right question is how God will produce the same result for me. Rather than steal from such places


Action Point

Identify the weak points in your life and tell God to fix them.

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