2024- Our Year of Divine Visitation

We thank God for the year 2023 our year of fresh oil. I want to say that you are already favoured by God because you made it to 2024. And it is our year of divine visitation. God promised us that he would visit his children this year. When God visits, the lives of those whom he visits change positively. Abraham and Sarah were visited, and twenty-five years of bareness ended (Gen 18). Obed Edom was also visited, and hardship ended (I Chronicle 13:14).

The Lord also lay the following on earth concerning the year.

  • For the body of Christ, it is a year of purging from dead works. All denominations accommodating dead works will be exposed.
  • Many breakaways in local churches and denominations like the church Sardis will take place (Rev 3:1- These breakaways will not result from selfish interests, but God is saving the remnant in those denominations that embrace dead works.
  • The voice of righteousness will be louder in the body of Christ.
  • It is a year of heights. Many would attain the heights of their professions, ministries, and businesses.
  • The Lord says There will be no dry season for his children in the new year.
  • There will be multiple celebrations in the household of God’s children.
  • Help will not be scarce for God’s children in the new year
  • Make sure you continuously request for Gods grace in the place of prayer.


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