Modern Day Diotrephes (Part Two) by Dr N.A. Omilani

Other Expressions of Diotrephes

In this second edition of writing about Diotrephes, the expression of his character in specific people will be explained. The first category of person that will be discussed is the branch pastor.

Branch Pastors

In ministries with many branches, a pastor oversees each branch. The liberty given to the branch pastor varies from one ministry to another. However, immediately, a minister crosses some boundaries and is already behaving like Diotrephes. For example, in Nigeria, The Redeemed Christian Church of God is the largest Pentecostal church going by her number of branches. The Holy Ghost Service is a meeting that the current general overseer pioneered many years back. The night vigil is held every first Friday of the month at the redemption camp. Any branch pastor who simultaneously organizes a meeting that prevents his branch members from participating is a Diotrephes.

The structure of many denominations does not permit ministry expressions of branch pastors outside their denominations’ practice. For example, denominations like Anglican Communion and Deeper Life Bible church have no structures that hardly permit personal expression of branch pastors’ ministry. Whatever the practice of your denomination, it is preferable to resign your position as the branch pastor than to be a Diotrephes that will contradict any or all the rules of the headquarters church. Growing up in a traditional prayer church, a senior pastor from the headquarters immediately came to fellowship at our branch; our pastor suspended all he had to do because the senior pastor took over his roles.


This also applies to leaders of different units and departments in the church under the pastor. Submitting to the local pastor’s authority without any argument is best. The concern should be that the work must go on smoothly.


Diotrephes has one strange character that must be mentioned. The character is that John the Beloved reported thus.

III John 10

nor does he permit those who wish to receive the brethren, but he forbids them and casts them out of the church. 


In Diotrephes’s local assembly, some people wished to follow the instruction of the Apostle by receiving the traveling evangelist and teachers, but Diotrephes forbade them. Diotrephes cast men willing to accept the traveling teacher and evangelist out of the church. This is a clear satanic manipulation. Men who want to do the will of God cannot because of fear of Diotrephes casting them out of the church.


Action Point

Do not be a Diotrephes in any way, and repent if you are one.



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