My Special Invite to the 2023 Festival of Fire


Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba’s (Mohbad) death was sad news to everyone who heard of the circumstances surrounding his death. The picture of the quality of life he ought to have become clearer to me after his death.

For example, he became a household name after his death. His name and death made it to the sermon notes of many preachers. His Music became more popular, and he had more fans. As a prophet of God, the fact that he was exhumed after the burial is not ordinary by my own consideration. Beyond the post-mortem, I observed that the second burial would be more glorious than the first one. A funeral home has volunteered to give him a befitting burial this second time.


The 2023 Festival of Fire is titled War Against Athaliah. Athaliah represents the power that kills the royal seed.

Athaliah is simply a system the devil has put in place to ensure that young people will live a life that is less than the quality God planned for them.  I can tell you confidently that the Athaliah used the weapons of hunger for fame, pride of life, lust of the eyes and flesh, and drugs to fight Mohbad until his life was destroyed. The pains he suffered proved that Athaliah’s offer to our generation was a trap and bait.

I wish to let you know that Athaliah is not resting, and it is crucial you wage war against Athaliah by doing the following for yourself.

  1. Surrender your life to Jesus.
  2. Download the prayer booklet and participate in the Festival of Fire programme
  3. Pay attention to the daily instructions God will send daily through the programme. The online meeting will be taking place from Sunday, 22nd of October 2023, to Friday, 26th of October join through telegram, Facebook, Mixlr, and Zoom
  4. Participate in the grand finale of the meeting onsite or online.




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