Joseph is alive Part 3 (Victory over the Archers) by Dr Nathaniel Omilani

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There is an essential side of Joseph being alive that can be drawn from his brothers’ conduct. Joseph was a boy whom they all fought tooth and nail so that his dreams will not come to pass. The relationship of Joseph with his brother can be only described as acidic.

Joseph’s dream, which had earlier intimidated his brothers, had come to pass. When they met Joseph as the prime minister in Egypt, they could not do anything about it any longer. The Lord has decided to make Joseph manifest despite his brother’s opposition. Jacob captured the very essence of the antagonism in the Journey of Joseph in his near-death prophecy.

Genesis 49:22-24

22 “Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall.

23With bitterness archers attacked him; they shot at him with hostility.

24But his bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel,


The verse 23 is of interest in this edition of *Tuesday light*. We shall raise some fundamental questions

  1. *Who are the archers?*

They are soldiers who specialize in shooting arrows at their enemies. Some soldiers use swords as a weapon of war, while others use the spear.  When an archer shoots a hand, he has just one intention: to hit the target and probably cause injury and death. Joseph’s brothers are the archers. Their bitter arrows hit Joseph, and they assumed they were on target because Joseph is no more as far as they are concerned. They celebrated Joseph’s supposed defeat when they said, “We shall see what will become of his dreams”.

  1. What is the effect of the arrows?

The expected effect was that the arrows should make the Bow of Joseph unsteady and his strong hand weak. But God the mighty one of Jacob, who ensured that Joseph failed not.

Joseph is alive means that Jacob’s sons, who are the archers, saw the victim of their aggression becoming a victor. This will play out as a guilty conscience, and they expected that Joseph would soon revenge. They were walking in fear of the consequence of their actions.

After their father’s death (Jacob), they came to Joseph to report that his father told them on his death bed to inform him that he should not mistreat them or avenge the wickedness they did.

We have to learn the critical lessons that Joseph is alive not because of his great God-given dreams alone. In addition to the dreams, Joseph had divine immunity to archers. The wicked archers are those in our immediate (family, church, neighborhood) who are opposed to God’s plan for our lives. Although listed among the beneficiaries of what God wants to do through us, the archers (People reacting like Joseph’s brothers) standing in our way do so out of envy. In our case, we need to submit and trust Jesus for immunity against archers.

The prophetic picture painted by Jacob indicated that Joseph’s enemy (the archers) are shooting for three purposes:

  1. So that Joseph Bow become weak
  2. So that his arms can become weak

This means that Joseph himself had a prophetic bow and arrow with which he was meant to shoot. His target was to preserve humanity from famine and death. His brothers’ bow and arrow are also for a specific assignment in destiny. Other than using their bow and arrow for their destiny assignment, they turned it into the instrument of bitterness towards their brother. If you are a Joseph, do not try to use your bow to fight the archers shooting at you. The mighty one of Jacob will take care of them as you fellowship with Jesus Christ in the place of fellowship and prayer.

If you have a Joseph around you, do not fire your bow at him; instead, locate your destiny target and shoot.

Action Point

I waste the efforts of the archers attacking my glory in the name of Jesus Christ


Oh Lord shoot at the archers that are shooting at me and let them be suddenly wounded in the name of Jesus Christ

Flash out lightning oh Lord and scatter the evil archers, send out your arrows and confuse them in the name of Jesus Christ.

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