Don’t Prove It That Way (Women and Girls Part I)

Scheming and Manipulation

*Written*: Dr Omilani Nathaniel

Insight is among the virtues the Lord has given to women/girls. Men also possess this same virtue, but that of women is sharper and intense. This is applicable to their foresight. A typical example is seen among teenagers; while a teenage girl is crushing on a classmate, she can easily picture what their future home may look like, while the boy, on the other hand, may see nothing beyond friendship.

Gen 3:6

The woman (Eve) saw that the tree was good for food and 

pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise,…

Eve said this because she saw an amplified version of what the Devil said (For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil) within seconds. That ability to magnify what is heard or felt beyond the intent of the source in females is unique.

Immediately, a woman/girl has insight/foresight and might decide to pursue whatever she sees through godly or ungodly means. Remember, Eve eventually ate the fruit after her statement. She also gave her husband.

Unfortunately, most women/girls use scheming and manipulation to have what they see. That is why some girls think that as soon as they get pregnant, a man will have no choice but to marry them.

Scheming and Manipulation on the part of women are not new. Rebecca schemed and manipulated Isaac to bless Jacob in the place of Esau. God has spoken to her that there are two nations in her womb. There was

no scan at that time, but in the place of prayer, God told her the scan result.

Beyond that, God revealed to her what their destinies would look like (the older son will serve the younger Gen 25:19-33). Rebecca did not take into account that he who promised, was more than able to bring it

to pass. She began to scheme through an ungodly means. Rebecca’s desperation overtook her judgment, and she played dirty.

Jacob attempted to caution her. “Mama, what if my father notices the

trick and I get a curse,” Jacob said. She replied, let the curse come upon me, your mother. To her, the scheming and manipulation worked as she heard Isaac pronouncing the blessing upon Jacob. Rebecca was able to cook a domestic animal, and it tasted exactly like wild animal/game [Africans will appreciate this because we are used to

bush meat, and it does not taste like livestock]. She equally gave Jacob Esau’s garment and the skin of an animal, making Isaac think he was touching the hairy Esau. The action of Rebecca marked the beginning of a major family crisis.

Jacob got the blessing, but his life afterward did not show that he got any blessing. He had many struggles in the house of Laban. He served fourteen years for his two wives and six years for cattle (Gen 31:38-42).

Laban, his uncle, changed his wages ten times, and he almost sent him out empty. This narrative does not mirror the life of a man who was blessed by the Lord. When Jacob got to the brook of Jabok as he returned from exile

from Laban, he wrestled with an angel overnight. And he asked for a blessing in desperation, but this time, he told the angel the truth. He said my name is Jacob. And the angel said you are now Israel (Gen 32:22-26).

All the promises of God can only be accessed through a godly means.

Joseph took his two sons to his father, Jacob, for blessing. The younger son (Ephraim) got the blessing without scheming even though Jacob was visually impaired (Gen 48:1-20). Joseph, to convince his father otherwise, told Jacob his father, that his right hand was upon the younger son, but Jacob insisted that Ephraim, the secondborn, will be greater than Ephraim, the firstborn.

If Rebecca had relaxed, the blessing of Isaac upon Esau would not stop Jacob from becoming greater than Esau. I have heard of people who are not couples presenting fake marriage certificates to travel to America. They will pray over this, expecting God to give them miraculous visas. God cannot be mocked.

Sisters, you don’t have to scheme if you are persuaded that he has the power to that which he promised.



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