Do Not Prove It That Way


“If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. (Matt 4:6)


After the 9’11 incident in the United States of America, the entire world has not remained the same. In my view, the terrorist wanted to prove to the world that America is not invincible. Therefore, the response of America to the unfortunate event is also proof that you do not mess with a nation with such military power.


We daily experience many events which can push us to show our power, influence, knowledge, wealth, connection, to mention a few. The text is a classic example of such a push. The Devil pushed Jesus to prove his divinity by jumping down from the pinnacle of the temple.


Many circumstances will also push you to prove who you are and what you can do. For example, imagine you are a senior military officer driving on the highway and not in uniform. Then another road user drove recklessly and damaged your car. Unfortunately, all the logical and peaceful attempts to let the reckless driver know he was wrong fell to his deaf ears. Instead, he kept using foul language as he physically and verbally abused you.


I am sure that something within you will want to prove to him that you are not an ordinary citizen. Seeing yourself in this scenario will make you appreciate the event in Mattew 4:6. Still, Jesus decided that he would not prove his divinity in that manner.

Anytime you have a push from the Devil to prove who you are, remember Jesus and say, I will not go that way. If you are a husband and there is a misunderstanding between you and your wife. And your wife asks in mockery, “are you a husband” ?. The Devil will suggest to you prove that you are a husband by beating her. Physically abusing your wife because of the wrong things she said does not prove that you are a husband.


John the Baptist told his audience how they must bear fruit of repentance with respect to their profession (Luke 3:9-15). He told soldiers to avoid false accusations and collection of bribes. He added that they should be contented with their wages. Similarly, in the subsequent six or seven editions, I will highlight how different categories of believers should prove their roles as husband, wife, children, bosses, servants, pastors and mentors.



The holy spirit persuades me to start with how husbands (most especially Christians) should prove their husbandness. Don’t prove it by telling everyone all you have done for your wife and children. Instead, let it be the role of your wife telling the world what you have done. I paid your school fees; I bought your car, I paid through my nose raising all the children in the big schools.


Remember, the Lord Jesus told several people not to tell the people who healed them (Matt 8:4; Mark 1:40-45).


To be continued


Action Point


Tell the lord that anytime the Devil comes by instructing me to prove who I am, let me be able to respond like Jesus

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