This will happen if you pray in tongues for seven hours in a minute.

On youtube, we have videos of many apostles whom God is using mightily today. These men are mighty in words, and the grace of God upon their calling is undisputable. My worry today is the young Christians who are not ripe for the messages of these apostles. I must tell you two things about preachers and their preaching.

First is that preachers may preach either by revelation or experience. For instance, all that Paul taught concerning marriage are by revelation, and it is very effective. On the other hand, a sermon preached based on experience is a revelation that the preacher has proved.

In many of the youtube videos, these apostles share experience messages and the young are often tempted to assume that they can replicate similar encounters and experiences. Imagine a believer who has not read the New Testament, craving for the Lord Jesus to walk into his room.

Do not get me wrong, reading the entire New Testament is not the condition to fulfil before Jesus appears to anyone. On the contrary, without reading any scripture, Jesus appeared to some idol worshippers and sons of the bondwoman (right on their prayer mat), which led to their conversion. Saul was on his way to killing the beloved when Jesus appeared to him.

However, pursuing such encounters is secondary to what God desires for his children. Therefore, before dwelling on this very well, I was hoping you could learn some basics of the gospel.

1. God has two things in mind after you are saved. The first is that God wants you to conform to the image of Christ Eph 4:13.

2. The second is that God wants you to bring more sons to glory. When Jesus said, this is the blood of the new covenant that was shed for many, only twelve people were at the table. At Pentecost, there are only one hundred and twenty, but today the many are uncountable.

3. Basic 1 is a process that will last till Jesus comes. We are not going to become like Jesus fully until we see him as he is (I John 3:2 & I Corinthian 3: 18)

4. Our success in basic 1 determines our success in basic 2

5. Among the indicators of success in Basic 1 are conforming to the character and dominion image of Christ. Conforming to character image means doing what Jesus would have done if he were to be in your situation everywhere (church, school, marriage, and work). The dominion image is the ability to resist the devil, as Jesus would have done.

6. To progress in basics 1&2 requires both knowledge and faith

7. Knowing foundations and doctrines is critical for the growth and development of God’s children. The foundations are repentance from dead works and faith towards God. While the doctrines are that of baptisms, laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgement.

8. Longing for encounters without giving attention to basics and being grounded in doctrines and foundations is not a good idea. It is like a first-year medical student desiring to perform delicate heart surgery.

9. After the basic 7, the unending journey towards perfection starts. The progress in this journey is informed by books, discipleship, pastors and brethren, and personal dealing, among others.

10. Information technology has given many young believers access to sermons that they are not mature enough to process.

11. Yearning for the experience these apostles narrate and the formulae with which they got it at the time, you ought to pursue personal spiritual stability, and literacy is not good.

12. Frustration and pressure accompanying you not getting the result they describe after following the prescribed step is a load you need not bear at this level.

13. Lately, it has become a trend to see young men and women desiring the very good supernatural. The intention of the pursuit must be that you want to draw men to God in glory. In your mind, it must be for fellowship with the father and not what you want to get.

14. Philip was caught away in Acts 8:39 without making any request from God. Earlier, an angel had spoken to Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert (Acts 8:36). He found the Ethiopian Eunuch on that way and ministered to him.

The supernatural transportation took him to another assignment at Azotus, where he preached in many cities (Act 8:40). Make sure that your hunger is for assignment and do not consider the supernatural as the level of growth and anointing. I have heard young people say ”see levels”. I must also emphasize that Philip did not earn this due to a spiritual exercise.

15. Not all dimensions of the supernatural would manifest in your life. The one described in 14 is not required because there are means of transportation and the Internet. When you can go by physical transportation, why, crave for the spirit to catch you up like Philip?

16. Suppose you have it in mind that the end of a spiritual exercise (reading the bible through, praying in tongues for certain hours, doing vigil for a certain number of days) must give a fixed result. In that case, you may be opening yourself up to demonic manipulations. What if God wants to lead you in another way based on his purpose and counsel

17. May I shock you that some great men of old did not run by many of these formulas. They were just interested in serving and loving God. Afterward, God showed up. I grew up in the Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria. I saw God do a lot in the life of men who did most of their prayers in understanding (I am not relegating praying in tongues to the background in any way). I was also surprised that Papa Hagin never went beyond three days of total fasting during his earthly ministry.

So let God lead you, and make sure your growth level matches the sermon.


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