The Passion Week Part I (The Triumphant Entry)

The passion week is memorable in the history of the redeemed people of God. It is the
week that reminds us of the last week before Jesus was glorified. The events include triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the Passover he celebrated with his disciples which heralded the lord supper, his betrayal, his trial, his arrest, his crucifixion, his death, his burial, and resurrection all took place within the space of a week.

No matter the situation you are going through, do not reason like John the Baptist, who began to doubt the divinity of Jesus Christ after he was imprisoned. He sent messengers to Jesus asking are you the Messiah, or we should expect another. Jesus replied to him in

Matthew 11:4-5

Jesus replied, “Go back and report to John what you hear and see

The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.

Till today, all the seven evidence that Jesus pointed to are still happening everywhere around us. During the Covid pandemic, many patients were miraculously healed and today death curves were already flattened in all the nations of the earth and many people turned to God at this time.

Today, I will summarize events in the passion week. Before that, I must stress the importance of the passion week celebration. Many in the Pentecostal circle do play down the celebration of easter because they argue that it is not the actual substance.

In my own view, these activities will make children see a form of godliness that will linger in their mind; till they have contact with the power thereof. They are like the memorial stones which Joshua told twelve men to carry while Israel
was crossing river Jordan (Joshua 4:5-6). When their children (unborn and born) ask what the stone stands for, Joshua said. They will be able to narrate the story of God’s deliverance at Jordan to them. In addition many unbelievers are also saved in the process.

For instance, when children see palm leaves decorations at home or in church, they are likely to ask questionss that will afford elders who are in faith the opportunity to give them biblical answers and lead them to Christ. The same goes for the unbeliever who may witness such events. For the believer, it gives us a graphic reminder of the
various events associated with the redemption story.
I will start with the triumphant entry in this write up.

Triumphant Entry Daniel 9:24-25;Luke 19:37-40; Psalm 118:25-26;148
The theologians dated this event to about AD 30, which is the sixty-ninth week of Daniel. Jesus was not a earthly king (John 18:36). However, the entry into Jerusalem is a figurative expression that he is the king of the earth and heaven.

Remember, he was not charged for his action by the reigning rulers of his time. In fact it was not part of the charges laid against him during his trial. This is not because they overlooked it, but it showed that Jesus supremacy could not be questioned. He also rode on a donkey and not a horse. This shows the nature of his kingdom will prevail without force but peace. This peace cannot be resisted.

The importance of the triumphant entry of Jesus cannot be exhausted in this short article but it must be mentioned that from this point Jesus began to go down. This is the most glorious moment in his earthly ministry was the peak of acceptance as king and Messiah.The cry of Hosannah in the highest is a declaration meaning save us. The next time we see Jesus in public, the sight was a shameful one. The triumphant entry gives evidence to the public that the same Jesus was crucified.

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