Mrs Zipporah Moses Part II By Dr Nathaniel Omilani

Zipporah Moses’ biography was documented by God’s grace in the last post . And we need to learn more about her married life. All we knew was that Moses returned her to Jethro when he got into Egypt. Jethro brought her back to Moses along with the children. Zipporah and her children did not witness Moses’ exploits, and nothing was reported by Moses about his family again. However, some scholars suggested that Zipporah could have returned by consent to protect his family from the plague.  Although the Moses I know is so passionate about Israel’s deliverance, he will want his immediate family around (Heb 11:23-28).

Today, it is common to see leaders with their wife in beautiful pictures in posters and souvenirs in the Pentecostal circle. Moses did not enjoy a thing like this along Zipporah, the wife of his youth.


Mariam, the prophetess, was the female who played the role of assistance on female matters in the ministry Moses. Unlike Aaron’s children, the offspring of Moses had no part in their father’s ministry.  This write-up is not an advocacy or opinion that the ministry’s call must be hereditary. Instead, I assume that if Moses’s children were to be around their father, they might be motivated to seek God and pursue him.


Many commentators argued that Moses placed some burden on men because he is not married. In Exodus 19: 6-12 contains the instruction God gave Moses on how the children of Israel would prepare to meet with him on mount Zion to receive the law. Apart from the instruction, God gave Moses; he added abstinence from sexual intercourse for three days (Exo 19:14). They argued that Moses was single for the more significant part of his married life. Therefore, it is not a surprise that he could add sexual abstinence to God’s instruction. These commentators assert that after Zipporah returned in Exodus 18, Moses did not slow down in his conduct of living as a single man even though he was married. I want us to consider the following instructions in your marital relationship;

  1. How often do you spend quality time with your spouse? This concern goes beyond sexual intimacy but romantic attention. A listening ear, a romantic date, affirmative words, the holding of hands, a surprise visit at work, breakfast in bed, a warm birth, romantic massage, a warm hug, a word of encouragement, being present at crucial occasions are essential in a marital relationship just like the sexual intercourse. The global economy is making it seem impossible. Still, if your spouse is sick in the hospital, you will surely make out time. Making out time for this is very important. Mrs Zipporah Moses did not enjoy all these regularly. I advocate that men read more on being a good listener than giving their wives pleasure in bed. Many breaks down of marriages will not occur.
  2. I know a couple that their morning devotion is a battleground because the wife will go in a theological direction opposite the husband. The children will be at lost on what to believe. This issue requires a talking and prayer retreat. God brought you together to agree in him, and this does not take without adequate talk time.
  3. Even though Mrs Zipporah Moses’s departure to her father’s house may be consensual, it is not acceptable to be apart from your spouse. I pray that all the issues (Job, Accommodation, Visa,) responsible for distance in homes God will resolve them in Jesus name. Thank God for technology. While you are waiting on God to fix the distance issues, take advantage of technology for communication.
  4. Sometimes in prayer meetings, people are encouraged to submit prayer letters. The women request often have an item on their marriage and relationship. He was going through male requests you seldom find such a thing. Instead, business breakthrough and spiritual growth are the requests of men. I desire that men everywhere will pray that God should give us the grace to treat our wives better and love them more. As Moses requested to see the face of God and God answered, God, could have also answered him if he had presented Zipporah’s matter to him
  5. Bible scholars are yet to resolve uncertainties, but Moses marriage might have eventually hit the rock. Numbers 12 showed us how that Mariam complained of the Cushite woman. There are three guesses on this matter. The polygamist guess: this suggests that Moses married another wife while Zipporah was still with him. Probably because of the issues of their marriage. The monogamist guess: this is a suggestion that Zipporah and Moses’ marriage ended either due to death or divorce before she married the Cushite. The death part is not widely accepted because Moses’ prominence will give Zipporah’s death a space to report it in the Pentateuch. On the other hand, divorce may be quietly done without any report. The last guess is referred to as the monogamist apologist guess. These people assert that the Cushite is the same woman in Exodus 4. A claim is widely refuted because it is illogical for Mariam to complain about Moses’s relationship over a decade ago.

Do not allow this to happen to your marriage. Guard it jealously, prayerfully and with knowledge





Moses is in heaven, and he appeared in both old and new testaments. In heaven, we shall equally sing the songs of Moses. This article does not depict Moses as someone who engages in domestic violence or infidelity. Instead, this article only highlights the consequence of his ministry engagement at his home’s expense.










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  1. This piece is highly enlightening as well as thought-provoking! Thanks for always giving us something to ponder on…spiritually sir.

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