Cheer Up

 So there was great joy in that city

Acts 8:8


The country’s situation and the entire world can cause emotional distress in the mind of anyone who gives attention to them. The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt with the economy and our whole way of life negatively. I have recorded the loss of loved ones. The pain of the loss cannot be compared with the stigma. The economic crisis, kidnapping, banditry, and political crisis are still with us. As a result, prices of goods and services are very high, and purchasing power of citizens is going down.


Worrying about all these events may cause anxiety, fear and sorrow. The Lord wants you to cheer up and never allow all the happenings in the world to give you sorrow. The way to go about this is first to surrender your life to Jesus. Then, he will provide the joy that is not describable (Matt 11:28).

Remember, after Mary conceived Jesus supernaturally, she became a carrier of joy. Just like a carrier of disease can infect others, carrier of joy can infect others with joy. She visited Elizabeth, and immediately Elizabeth heard her greetings; the baby (John the Baptist) in her womb leapt for joy. Elizabeth was equally filled with the Holy Ghost (Luke 1:39-43). If you also carry Jesus in your spirit like Mary carried him in her womb, everything about you should produce joy for you and those around you.


God also encouraged us in his word to rejoice always (Phil 4:4&3:1). The Lord has not called into the company of mourners. The reality of heaven is our guide. Some people feel that a Christian is someone who wears a sober look. Others assume that a good sermon is the one that gives Godly sorrow to the hearers. Philip preached in the Samaria much more than this, and there was great joy in the city (Acts 8:8).


I want you to do the following today

  1. Like David, encourage yourself in the Lord no matter what has happened or happening (I Samuel 30:6)
  2. Remember that this phase will surely pass. After this, we will all rejoice. Therefore you will have no opportunity to reverse the hands of time to rejoice.
  3. Listen to psalms, spiritual songs and also share them with others
  4. Receive from God in the place of prayers the answers to issues bothering your heart. (Phil 4:6)
  5. Focus on things that give you joy. Don’t allow your meditation to be filled with things that are not bringing joy Phil 4:6-9
  6. Eat well, Sleep well and relax.
  7. Have the consciousness that God is not punishing you for a sin. Do not go around looking for a prophetic word from a place to another. Study the word of God instead.
  8. Do not expose yourself to the wrong information.


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