Celebrate My Birthday With Me As I give Back to the Land of Birth of Reinhard Bonnke

I am a year older today, and I am celebrating the faithfulness of God. I wish to let you know that the 2022 Festival of Fire booklet is now translated into German. I am happy to give back to the land of birth of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. In addition, to the typical festival of fire booklet, we also published the entire book of Matthew of the New Testament in German pamphlet.

The printing is underway, and I need your support. We hope to ship 5000 copies to Germany by the end of June. A copy of the 207 pages booklet costs one thousand naira only (N1000).

If the ministry of the great evangelist has blessed you, this is an opportunity to give back to his country of birth. He gave bibles and books for free during his fire crusades and conferences. This book will be distributed for free on campuses, bus stations, and public places in different parts of Germany.

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