Let Us Build Together by Dr Nathaniel Omilani


Since the Year 2013, Festival of Fire is an annual event through which God bless young people. This programme is  prophetic because it is has about fifteen promises of God for every participants. It is a week long fasting and prayer. The 2021 edition of Festival of Fire is holding between Monday, August 23rd to Sunday 29th August 2021.

How to Participate

  1. Get the festival of fire prayer booklet containing Daily Bible Reading, Exposition, Prayer Points and Daily Confession is produced and distributed for free (both the e and hard copies). Participants are expected to use the booklet for personal prayers.

  1. Join us 9pm every on Mixlr and Facebook (Omilani Nathaniel) for prayers in the course of the five days of  week (23rd-27th August 2021).
  2. Join us 11am Onsite and Online (Saturday 28th-29th August, 2021

How to Build with Us

The 2021 Festival of Fire Booklet, is in two languages, French and English. We have already produced one thousand copies of the French Translations. We are currently distributing in Burkina Faso, Republic of Benin, Togo, and Cameroon. We are giving the publication out for free.

We are believing the Lord for funds towards the completion of the three thousand copies of the English Translation of the Booklet. Other than the booklet production, we hope to host many young people onsite on the last two days of the Festival of Fire. This will also be transmitted on all our social media handles. The cost of posting materials is also huge.


God will bless you greatly


  1. This is a great task, I pray for the success of festival of fire 2021, may God bless the ministry and send great financial support in Jesus name

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