I Commend You to God and The Word of His Grace by Dr Nathaniel Omilani

I have not written any new article in about two months. After the blurry line article. This is the longest I have stayed away from Tuesday’s light blog. I must say we need your support to keep the blog running. We need funds to transcribe our messages into articles. In today’s edition, we are giving attention to the prayer of Paul to the Ephesians.

Paul had preached in Ephesus for almost three years, and at the end of the three years, there was an emotional departure. Paul loved the church so much and did not want his labour to be in vain. He expressed his fears that some false teachers may come in to deceive the Ephesians after his departure. He forbade them to accept another Jesus different from the crucified one.

After Paul’s admonition, he said a powerful prayer that we should consider in this edition of Tuesday Light. In the prayer, he commended the Ephesian church to God and the word of his grace that can build them up and give them inheritance among the sanctified. He is certain through spiritual intelligence that his absence would make no difference if God and the word of God’s grace were given the right place in the Ephesian church.

All the moves of God that birthed Pentecostal churches like Foursquare, Assemblies of God, The Apostolic Church, and The Apostolic Faith, to mention a few, already outlive those whom God used to start them. In fact, without an accurate knowledge of history, their names are no longer at the forefront of the factors that affect growth in those ministries. For example, if the image of Amee Semple Mcpherson is placed on a banner of a Foursquare Church without her name, many would ask, who is this? This means that in another one hundred years or more, the faces associated with some move of God in our nation may not be a motivating factor anymore.

Hence without men and women whom God has used to pioneer, God’s word and God himself are two main factors that build men up.   Remember, Paul said it can build you up. This means that the Ephesian Church and her members have yet to reach the stature of maturity in Christ Jesus. The building up is the process of attaining the correct stature. Staying in God and the word of his grace are two determining factors for the buildup.  As a believer, avoid building your walk with Christ around any individual but God and His word of grace.  As a mature believer, point those whom you are discipling to God and his word of grace, not yourself.

I wish to highlight what happened to the brethren on their way to Emaus after the resurrection of Jesus. They did not know that they were speaking to Jesus. They expressed so much concern about how Jesus was crucified and buried. They added that some women in their company claim he is resurrected.

Luke 24: 25-27

Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken:

Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.


I expected that Jesus would pray for them to see a vision of how the resurrection took place. Jesus knew that this could not build them up. Therefore, he used God’s sure and comprehensive tool to build men up. Jesus took them on a bible study. He started from Moses (Genesis to Deuteronomy) and all the Prophets.


I encourage you to throw yourself in the word.





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